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Hi and welcome to Cosmic Tomatoes, a food blog where you will follow the adventures of two foodies living in Strasbourg!

Who are we ?

Lucia and Ariana: we met about 8 years ago at the University of Strasbourg, as students in visual arts. One of us began to specialize in the field of graphics design  and the other in the field of animation. And since life always works out well, we ended up working together for the same company.

With cultural backgrounds ranging from Iran to the the United States and from France to Italy, we naturally had much to share with one another, and the food recipes were only a part of it !

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Why this food blog?

We are far from being professional cooks and have not received any training in this field. We are huge foodies on the other hand and have been since we were students. Our entry into the workforce, made us realize how hard it is to keep up with this passion for cooking we have. Time came to be very rare indeed.

So we entered a period of culinary experimentation, in order to create quicker and easier food, while keeping it tasty and maintaining the joy in it.

Knowing that many people around us had the same intrests, we had the idea of a sharing point. So we created this blog as a corner for creativity and experimentation, for us and our potential readers.


What is the Cosmic Tomatoes?

It is as mentionned above a food blog. Here you’ll find food recipes, as well as other food related articles (travel, crafts, decoration, lifehacks etc.)
We also took advatage of our personal skills (graphic design and animating) to make this blog more accessible, more fun and more understandable. We facilitate, for example the udrestanding of oour recipes by illustrating and animting each stage to avoid lengthy narratives.


A few words for our readers

As mentioned above, the goal for this blog is to create interesting content for its readers and being useful to them. So if you have ideas, questions or comments do not hesitate to share them with us.

We’ll be honest, our english is a bit rusty. We sincerely wish to apologize to anyone who had their eyes hurt by seeing a missspeled word or a wierdly constructed phrase. Also we are very grateful to those who let us know about our english mistakes in the comments.

We finally would like to remind you that all images (photographs, illustrations, animated gifs) on this blog belong to us (unless otherwise stated). If you wish to share these photos on a blog / website / social network, please indicate the name of the blog or to place a link to the source article.


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