Aloe Vera & Lemon Pudding

8 February 2016
aloe vera and lemon puddingAloe Vera, a Super Ingredient you can also cook

A week ago my globe-trotting father came to visit me with two large leaves of Aloe vera. It’s was not the first time he brought me pieces of this amazing plant from one of his trips to Asia, always advising me to use them for their dermatological benefits.

This time I decided that my stomach deserved aloe vera more than my skin. I then started researching and experimenting inn order to make something edible with my two leaves.

As I was expecting, the internet taught me more about medicine and beauty tips than tastiness. But it was none the less useful. It gave me clues about the cooking methods of the plant (not to be cooked so long) and ingredients with whom I could associate it in order to enhance its nutritional values. The gelatinous base of aloe vera seems, for example, to go well with lemon. This mixture can help digestion, simulating the metabolism, helping eliminate toxins, reducing stomach inflammation, and much more!

Today’s recipe is poached Aloe Vera with lemon and a rose water-cardamom pudding.

Ingredients (4 people):

2 Large leaves of Aloe Vera

A Lemon’s juice

250g Sugar

500ml Milk

80g Cornstarch

70g Ground almonds

1/8 Tsp Cardamom

A few drops of rosewater


Peel your leaves. The Aloe Vera flesh holds very strongly to the skin and its slippery texture does not make the peeling any easier. My technique is to cut the leaf into small slices and peel each individually.

peeling Aloe Vera leaf - éplucher l'Aloe Vera

At this point you will probably like to get rid of the slimy juice covering your hands and cutting board. But you can also cover you face with this juice and the green remaining. Like this in half an hour you can enjoy you pudding with a radiant skin!


Heat the Aloe Vera (diced) with 200 grammes of the sugar and the lemon juice in a pan. Remove from heat when the sugar begins to caramelize slightly. The juice does not have to become thick, otherwise after cooling, the Aloe Vera cubes will stick together.



Let the cubes cool and proceed to the preparation of the pudding. Mix half the milk with the cornstarch.



Heat the remaining milk in a saucepan, adding the almond powder and cardamom.



Once the mixture in the pan begins to boil, add the milk / cornstarch. Mix well.



Add the remaining sugar and rose water and keep warm over low heat for 3-4 minutes.



Pour the pudding into individual bowls and cover each with Aloe Vera cubes.





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