Banh Mi style Pork sandwich with vegetable pickles

1 June 2016
banh miA pork sandwich with homemade vegetable pickles in the style of the vietnamese banh mi

Hello dear cosmonauts! Following the popularity of our last recipe with Asian inspirations I thought I’d continue in this spirit by proposing a revisited Banh Mi. Banh Mi is a Vietnamese sandwich, consisting of a crusty baguette, spread with liver pate and a little bit of mayonnaise, and filled with meat, fresh seweet and sour vegetables, coriander and chilli sauce. I adapted my banh mi sandwich’s ingredents to my CSA box of the week . This pork sandwich is a very nice recipe for sunny days, and it is perfect for a picnic.

banh mi

Ingredients (for 2):

– 1 Radish bunch

– 2 Carrots

A few slices of cucumber

– 1/2 Fennel

– 2 limes

– 1 Garlic clove

– 1 Shallot

– 1 Coriander bunch

– 2 Pork Cutlets

– Soy sauce

– Spicy Sauce (we chose chili maple syrup)

– White vinegar

– 1 Baguette

– 4 Tbsp Fromage blanc (thick yogurt)


Cut the radishes into rounds, and carrots and fennel into slices.

couper des légumes en rondelles par pickles

Fill a jar with white vinegar (60%) and water (40%). Add slices of one lime.


Rub your vegetables in a mixture of sugar and salt for a few minutes

rouler radis rose dans le sucre pour banh mi

… Then add them to the bowl.


Put the bowl in the fridge overnight.


In another dish, add garlic and minced shallot, a little soy sauce, juice of one lime and a little spicy sauce (keep a little bit of lime juice for later). Add the meat afterwards.


Refrigerate the bowl overnight.


Cut the bagette in four …


place cucumber slices on two of the sides. Spread the other two sides with a mixture of fromage blanc cilantro and a little bit of lime juice.


Mince the meat and cook it in a pan.


Add the pork meat and your pickled vegetables to your sandwich, put fresh cilantro sprigs and voilà you have your Banh mi style pork sandwich.



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