Heat wave appetizers

15 August 2015

apéros canicule

Today we present to you our very first recipe!

We don’t know about you, but here in Strasbourg the heat wave is killing us and we’d rather put something light and fresh under our teeth. Though we would like to talk to you someday, about some local dishes (the very creamy/potatoey local dishes).

On this hot day we prepared a combination of few tiny recipes. Healthy and vegetarian!

On the menu we have 5 ideas for appetizers : Avocado hummus, seed crackers, Kale chips, a colorful pomegranate salade and Quinoa/Goat cheese balls


Avocado hummus


Ingredients :

· 1 Avocado
· 1 can of chickpeas
· Half of a green lime’s juice
· 1 tbsp Tahini
· Salt/Pepper


We’ll start with a simple one! To make this hummus you will simply need to mix all the ingredients until you get a creamy texture. You can then add a few parsley leaves and a splash of olive oil on top.



Seed Crackers

Ingredients :

· 200g Whole-wheat flour
· 50g Mixture of seeds (flax, chia, oat…)
· 1 tsp Baking powder
· 1 tbsp Olive oil
· 120 ml Water
· 4 tsp Salt

Mix flour, seeds and oats. Add water, yeast and olive oil…


then knead the mixture to form a dough.


Place the dough on a baking paper sheet and flatten slightly with your hands. Place a second sheet on top and then, with a rolling pin, (an empty bottle can also do the trick) flatten the dough. You’re dough should be about 0.5 cm thick.


Then cut strips into the dough, and separate them into medium sized rectangles.





Colorful Pomegranate Salade



· 1/2 Pomegranate
· 1/2 Apple
· 1/2 Red onion
· 1 Green lime
· 1 Parsley bunch (about 1 cup)
· 1 Avocado

Equip yourself with a good knife, you will have to cut all ingredients into different shapes in order to create nice textures. This salad is really refreshing, full of vitamin and antioxidant. You can also have it as a lunch by adding some extra ingredients. A few smoked salmon slices, a piece of toast and voila!


Chop the parsley.



Cut thin slice of red onion and separated them into rings.



Peel the apple…



Then cut it into thin slices and cut the again to make sticks.



Cut the avocado in half lengthwise and then repeat on the 2 pieces obtained, then cut out fairly large pieces.



Use half of a lime to season your salad and cut the other half into small pieces and place them in the bowl.



Finally, de-seed the pomegranate.
You do not have to put all of it, but here at Cosmic Tomatoes, we are such big fans of this heavenly fruit that we could not resist!



Kale chips
Chips de kale


Ingredients :

· Kale (you can also use young spinach leaves)
· Olive oil
· Salt/pepper
· Balsamic vinegar

Kale! This mystery cabbage that I still don’t know the pronunciation, is a kind of the new hipster of healthy ingredients! The advantage is that it allows you, for example, to create crunchy chips but without the calories.


Just itemize the large leaves of Kale in pieces of smaller sizes. que vous allez ensuite assaisonner avec de l’huile d’olive.


You will then season them with olive oil. Rub the leaves, so that the olive oil covers the surface well. Then add the salt and the pepper and the balsamic vinegar (you can can replace the vinegar with different spices like turmeric or curry).


Place the leaves on a baking dish (do not overlap, otherwise they will not become crispy) and then put it in the oven for about 20 minutes at 160 °c. When you see that the leaves are turning brown and star piping like popcorns, is that they are ready! Let them cool and discover this amazing taste.




Quinoa/Goat cheese balls
boulette quinoa chèvre

Ingredients :

· 1/2 Fresh goat cheese
· 1/2 cup of quinoa for 1 cup of water
· 40g Oat
· 4 tbsp flaxseed
· 5 Dried tomatoes
· 13 Pumpkin seeds
We will end this beautifully, with my little favorite. Quinoa balls are fresh and very nourishing.

First, we have to rehydrate the Quinoa, by baking it in it’s equivalent of water.


Meanwhile, you can cut the dried tomatoes into small pieces…


and prepare a cutting board, with flaxseed spread all over it.


Once the quinoa is cooked and cooled mix it with the goat cheese, oatmeal and dried tomatoes.


Then form balls by rolling a little bit of the mixture into your hands.


Then roll the balls in flaxseed to add some crispy textures. You can decorate them by planting a few pumpkin seeds on top of each.


That’s all for today! We hope you’ll like our recipes! Do not hesitate to to try them or even modify them a bit and share them with us on Instagram.

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