Knob celery Tarte Tatin (upside-down pie)

12 February 2016


The sweetest knob celery in the galaxy

This week I tried a CSA box from panier du petit Lucien. The selection of the fruits and vegetables were : apples, black radishes, carrots, a red cabbage and …a knob celery. I have to admit, celeries are the kind of vegetables that don’t really inspire me and I rarely eat them in anything other than a salade. One of my coworkers had the great idea of cooking knob celery in a risotto (replacing the rice with it) and since the same week I saw the idea in one of the challenges of  Top chef, I thought i should start being more creative with my celery. After taking notes of all thoose ideas, I decided to cook celery my own way, in tart tatin.

The sweetness of a tarte tatin softens the earthly taste of the knob celery, and it’s a real delight ! Served with a rocket salad and maybe some goat cheese, you could make quite a nice feast. To prepare this recipe you will need a sharp knife or a mandolin to get some really thin slices. But be carefull, the celeri tart is something you have earn! My first attempt ended with an injured thumb and a big bold bandage (My other thumb up to my dear neighboor who came to my rescue). So focus, and get ready for this fast, simple and tasty recipe.

Ingredients (2 person) :

1 Medium knob celery

A handfull of pine nuts

70g Sugar

100g Mildly salted butter


1 Puff pastry

With a mandolin or a sharp knife, cut thin slice of the knob celery.


Melt the butter in a pan and add a bit of water and the sugar.


Caramelize you celery slices gently in the pan. Try not to overlay the slices.


Once you have a nice golden color on you celery, distribute the slices in a deep pie dish, which you have previously buttered. Cover them with pastry and push dour the sides of it with you finger.


Place in a preheated oven (180°C) for half an hour.


Right after taking your dish out of the oven, turn it over on a plate gently. Decorate your tarte tatin with grilled pine nuts and it’s ready !




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