In Nicolas’s kitchen … A Prosecco & rhubarb cocktail

7 June 2016


Sometimes there is no need to go very far to find someone who shares our taste for cooking. It was through his blog that I learned that my neighbor was making crazy cocktails so I immediately decided to meet him and share his work with you. So for today no food recipe, but a Prosecco & rhubarb cocktail put together by Nicolas under the watchful eyes of his English bulldog, Jeep.

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Graphic designer and creator of Quaff magazine

Being trained as a graphic designer, I do a job that I really like since more than 4 years ago. I am absolutely not from the world of drinks or cocktails, but I wanted to launch my site because I find it quite difficult to find websites in France offering recipes that are both original and well presented. With a camera in hand, I thought it was the perfect time to start!

Passing much time in my apartment (working at home), I am very interested in decorating. I need to feel good in my home! So that my apartment doesn’t looks too much like a decorating catalog, I like snooping on the internet to find pieces we cannot find in the shops (and often not as expensive as in some shops). It’s also very nice to exchange a bit of conversation directly with the designers before buying. To decorate my walls, I made a series of posters combining typography and pictures taken during my recent travels. It’s a nice memory and I can be sure being the only one in the world to have them hanging in my house!





A fetish ingredient you always have in your kitchen?

I must confess, I am not someone who is very careful about what he eats. Although I sometimes cook a little more light in the summer (salads, fruits and vegetables …), I usually make it up the rest of the year with a much calorific cooking: burgers, pizza, cheese plates (oh yes, cheese is really good ). But there is one thing that I always in my fridge: lemons! They are essential for the preparation of many cocktails. There is a huge difference in taste between freshly squeezed lemon juice and those small bottles of it found in supermarkets.


Your favorite places when you’re not cooking?

Les Innocents This really is THE Strasbourg restaurant where I love to go! The food is really excellent, the dishes are original, with sometimes surprising combinations but always perfectly balanced. The service is also impeccable, very tastefully decorated and in addition, it is close to my home!

Square Delicatessen A rather trendy spot, where you can chill in the terrace and drink a good beer or cocktails, but also take have one or two slices of pizza. The menu changes regularly, perfect to discover new flavors!

Code Bar Certainly the most famous cocktail bar in Strasbourg, and for a good reason! Their recipes are all excellent, original and always well presented. The bartenders are always available for some advice and help you make a choice amongst the large selection of cocktails in the menue. Plan ahead though: the place gets packed up quickly!

Can you tell us more about the recipe you’re going to present for the blog?

Since I make recipes for my own blog once in a while, I had the idea in mind to make a cocktail for the early summer days, with seasonal ingredients: Rhubarb! As a a syrup, it brings a touch of acidity and fine flavor. I associated it with basil and Prosecco for something very refreshing.



Prosecco & rhubarb cocktail : Summer is coming

Ingredients (for two people):

. Vodka

. Homemade rhubarb syrup (recipe below with 6 branches)

. Lemon juice

. Prosecco

. Basil leaves

. A branch of rhubarb for decoration

Rhubarb Syrup

Cut 6 branches of rhubarb into small pieces. Put the rhubarb, 2 cups of water (470 mL), 1 cup of sugar (235 ml) in a pan and simmer for 20-30 minutes, stirring occasionally.


Once the mixture resembles a sauce, pour into a jar or bottle by filtering, using a fine strainer. Let cool it to room temperature. The syrup can be refrigerated for several weeks.


The cocktail

Place the basil leaves in a shaker with the rhubarb syrup.


Crush the basil leaves with a pestle.


Add the remaining ingredients (except for the Prosecco) in the shaker with some ice cubes.


Shake for about ten seconds.


Pour the mixture into a glasses with the ice cubes, then add the Prosecco. You can decorate the glasses with a stick of rhubarb and basil leaves. Cheers!



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