Savoury muffins with Brie cheese and ham

28 October 2015

muffin brie de meaux

This week on the blog we wanted wanted to try a comfort food for the cold days ahead of us. Something you can enjoy eating by a fireplace after a walk in the forest. In my small studio apartment the fireplace is not an option. So visually it’s kind of a failure. But I still do have enough space to prepare the food of my choice.

Today we prepared savory muffins; mixed with nuts, ham and Brie de Meaux. Vegetarians who follow us can simply remove the ham from the ingredients. We tried it and it was just as good.

Fun fact : Since the 8th century Brie de Meaux (brie cheese from the town of Meaux) has also been known as the King’s cheese. So have in mind that this are not just any ordinary muffins we have here !♛

Savoury muffins with brie and ham

Ingredients :

· 250g Flour
· 1/2 Baking powder
· 2 Eggs
· 4 Tbsp Olive oil
· 125ml Milk
· 100g Dried plums
· 120g Brie de Meaux
· 20 Walnuts
· 3 Slices of ham

Mix flour and baking powder. Add eggs, olive oil and milk …



… Then mix to a smooth dough.



Cut the cheese into small cubes.



Cut plums and ham into strips.



Crack the shell of the walnuts to retrieve the kernel.



Gently mix the ingredients with the dough …



… and pour into your muffin tins.



Let them cook for about 30 min in a preheated oven (180°c).


muffin brie de meaux_blog

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