Tarte flambée with munster cheese, beetroot and wild garlic

5 April 2017

Today, we take you to Alsace with a twisted version of our regions beloved tarte flambée in radiant pink.

The Tarte Flambée or as the local call it, flammeküeche, is a traditional dish of Alsatian cuisine, but also of the adjacent parts of the Palatinate and the German-speaking Moselle, consisting of a thin bread dough coated with thick cream and / or white cheese, beleskäs, and garnished with bacon, onions, in many variations. It is then quickly baked in a very hot bread oven.

One of our favorite versions is Tarte Flambée with Munster, a very strong smelling alsacian cheese. For today’s recipe I decided to make slightly different version of the Munster Tarte Flambée. I added some color and flavor through the beet dough, and some freshness through the wild garlic pesto on top.

Our pink Tarte Flambée turned out to be a perfect spring treat and was even better with some alsacian white wine.


Recipe for Munster Tarte flambée with beetroot, wild garlic and cumin

Ingredients  (for 2 tarte flambée) :
  • 200g Beetroot
  • 250g Flour + Some for kneading
  • Salt
  • 2Tbsp Oil
  • 1 Medium sized onion
  • 4Tbsp Heavy cream
  • 3-4 Branches of wild garlic
  • 3Tbsp Olive oil
  • Half of a munster cheese
  • Some cumin graines
  • Purslane or rocket salade (optional)



Cook the beets in water for half an hour.


Using a mash press or a dipping mixer, crush the beets and turn them into a smooth purée.


Mix the beet puree with the flour, oil and salt.

pâte à pizza à la betterave


Mix the dough and add flour until the dough no longer sticks to the hands.


Spread flour over a clean surface. Roll the dough as thinly as possible.

pâte rose à la betterave


Sauté the onion very finely and mix it with the cream. Add salt and pepper.


Spread the cream and onion mixture over the dough.


Cut the munster into slices and place them on the tarte flambée.


Blend wild garlic and the olive oil together.


Spread the wild garlic pesto over the tarte flambée, and sprinkle with cumin seeds.


Bake the tarte flambée on 200°c for 10 to 15 minutes. A pizza oven would be ideal, but a conventional oven will do the trick too.


To add freshness to your tarte flambée you can add some purslane leaves over it.

A Güeter!

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