Persimmon chia pudding

21 November 2016

Chia pudding is a classic healthy and easy-to-make breakfast recipe. Today we associate it with a seasonal fruit, persimmon, for an autumnal treat.

Our readers who won our seasonal fruits and vegetables calendar have already discovered this recipe a few months ago. We were just waiting for the right season to share it with everyone else


Persimmons make their appearance on the market stalls in the autumn. It has the peculiarity of having to be consumed ripe or even extra-ripe. At this stage of maturity, sugar has taken precedence over the natural astringency of the fruit. Rich in fiber and vitamin C, the persimmon is consumed with a teaspoon, like kiwi, but can also slip into sweet and savory preparations: sliced or cubed in fruit salads, mashed in puddings, in a chutney, with honey and thyme … This little sweet ball of vitamins will illuminate your plates at the end of the year.


Why chia seeds

If you have never had the tasted any, you have probably heard of chia seeds. Here in France they have become trendy since not long ago. Found in South America, chia seeds are nothing new and the Aztecs and Mayas have used this superfood for centuries.

In my country of origin, Iran, chia seeds had only one use: they were added to a simple syrup with on water of sugar. It was drunk especially during certain ceremonies of mourning. So they never had a very positive image in my head. Then I arrived in France and I realized that these little black seeds were perceived as the new “Star” for foodies et healthy eating hipsters, and that they could be used for more than just syrups.

I then began to take a different interest in these seeds and explore their gustatory possibilities. Chia pudding is by far their most popular variation. As a matter of fact the chia seeds swell in  the contact of liquids and creates this desired texture for puddings in the least amount of time. So for a quick and easy dessert with persimmons I naturally turned naturally to this super ingredient.

In addition, the seeds of Chia are packed with proteins and Omega 3, and make very good additions to your breakfasts. These days I like to add them to crackers and even smoothies. As far as chia pudding is concerned, I experiment with any type of milk and it always works: cow’s milk, coconut milk, almond milk and even cream for a thicker texture. So you can make yourself a vegan dessert by choosing a vegetable milk for your pudding.

  • 15g Chia seeds
  • 25cl Milk
  • 4 TpspMaple sirop (or date syrup)
  • 1/4 Tsp Cardamome
  • 1/4 Cinamon
  • 2 Persommons


Mix chia seeds, maple syrup, cardamom and cinnamon.


Let it in the fridge for half an hour until the seeds swell.


Mix the persimmon. You do not need to remove the thin skin of persimmon if they are organic.


In glasses / individual ramekins make chia pudding layers and alternating persimmon puree layers.



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