In Marina’s kitchen : Sweet potatoe and Mascarpone risotto

25 February 2018

We start 2018 with a new “In your kitchen” article. After the black sesame pannacotta at Virginie’s place we now head to a new kitchen to taste a special dish that almost everyone loves: risotto!

Since we started this blog I have had the chance already discovere some really nice interiors in the city of Strasbourg: I saw soft hues, bold colors, wild plants, but most of all I got to hear little stories behind each person’s lifestyle and therefore get to know them better. This time I went to another culinary blogger’s place: woodmoodfood who loves Italian cuisine like us and imagines many original and convivial vegetarian dishes. I met a curious young woman with the common denominator of making people happy. She holds the key to the Hygge in Strasbourg and she will be happy to share it with you through her culinary creations but also her impeccable taste for decoration.

A pretty Pilea that blooms in the bright office of the apartment.

Reminder: the “In your kitchen…” section of our blog let you have a peak into the kitchens of some of our readers. A series of photos take you into their world, looking for singular elements. Each person’s creativity is shown trought their lifesyle, theit interior design and most of all their cooking. Each article is accompanied by a recipe and a list of favorite spots to eat out.

We will now leave you with Marina, who will tell you all about her work and the recipe she has for us:

Real estate agent / Foodie / Denicheuse of wonders

I grew up in a family of restaurateurs. My grandma Maria had a few restaurants in France and Chad, where my father spent part of his childhood. He and four of his brothers all studied in the restaurant industry and then had or still have their own restaurant. This is also a project that I keep in a corner of my head for the future====;

They are the ones who gave me the love of cooking and choosing good products. My family and I would cook every weekend and stay togeher. As a child, I helped my Granny to grow vegetables, harvest them, cook them and put them in jars. I have an unforgettable memory of the smell of freshly picked tomatoes and how we would seed them and grow new tomatoes with them .

I hope one day I can have my own garden, but in the meantime, I go to the market every Saturday morning. Always with my little girl, Alice. I am keen to teach her to eat consciously. To choose seasonal products, pay attention to the way they are made culture and whether they respect our environmentor not. She’s only a year and a half old. I do not know if she understands everything, but I’m sure it’ll shape her one way or another.


Illustrated book by Laurence Bentz

As we always return to its original nature, I decided a few years ago to lauch a culinary blog, just to have my dedicated space to this passion. I had studied law and I lacked that creative touch. I was not very assiduous at first, but after a while I realize that I need to feed my creativity. It makes me happy, it stimulates me and makes me discover many things and many people!

Today, I spend my time between my first job as a real estate agent and the second one as a culinary photographer. I need both of these activities to feel truly complete. Some might think there is no connection. And yet! I am satisfied and jump with joy when my customers have found their roof to live under, and project themselves and imagine what their life will be in their new living space.

Some of the latest acquisitions of Marina, admirer of good wine

Exactly the same way, when I invite my friends to eat and they spend a great time or a customer is delighted with the pictures taken for them or advice provided. Cooking is also a recurring and federating subject, even in real estate: feeling good, having a good time, meeting up with family or friends, imagining a space, creating, dreaming …

This year also marks the launch of my online store dedicated to antique items. Again, the idea is to create or recreate a story, to feel good at home and to have had the pleasure of searching, trying, finding, marveling.


Some pieces available on Marina’s vintage shop (@woodmoodfood_shop)

My interior is alot myself I’d say: always evolving. I take my time to choose what piece of furniture will go where. I want my home to be warm and make you want to spend time there. It is a mix of family objects, antique furniture and more contemporary objects.

Luminaire vertigo by Constance guisset

A fetiche ingredient that you always have in your kitchen?

Pasta ! Alsatian or Italian, I think it is the ingredient that gives the most ideas and can accommodate almost everything. In gratin, with vegetables, salad, with a sauce, with cheese, it’s my ally when I do not have the time, but I still want to eat well.

Your favorite places to eat when you are not cooking?

Il y en a plein et tout dépend du contexte ! En ce moment j’aime beaucoup prendre un plat du jour au Bistrot Boma. Sinon, j’adore dîner entre amis à la Ruche aux Deux Reines, manger une pizza au Capricciosa ou chez MiTo, voyager au Liban chez Al Diwan, passer un moment en amoureux aux Funambules. J’aimerais prochainement réussir à réserver au Comptoir à manger, leur approche de la cuisine me correspond totalement.

There are plenty and everything depends on the context! At the moment I really like to have a dish of the day at Bistrot Boma. Otherwise, I love to dine with friends at La Ruche aux Deux-Reines, eat pizza at Capricciosa or at MiTo, have a journey to Lebanon at l Diwan, have a romantic dinner at Funambules. I would like to get a reservation at Comptoir à manger one day, their cooking philosophy is totally my style.

Can you talk about the recipe you have for us today?

A risotto! It’s a dish that I make very often when friends come to eat at home. It’s simple, comforting and it goes with almost everything. Also, it always calls for a good wine as an accompaniment.

I love to prepare risotto with gorgonzola, pear and arugula, but today it will be sweet potato and mascarpone 🙂

Sweet potatoe and mascarpone Risotto

Ingredients (4 servings) :
  • 1 Large sweet potato peeled and diced
  • 200g Mascarpone
  • Salt and pepper
  • Olive oil
  • 1 Onion
  • 400g Risotto rice
  • 20cl White wine
  • 1L Vegetable stock
  • Freshly grated Parmesan
  • Aragula


Prepare the sweet potato puree: steam cook it for 20 minutes.


Then crush with potato masher, add mascarpone, salt, pepper and leave aside.


Prepare the risotto: in a sauté pan, add a little olive oil to heat then the risotto rice and a minced onion.


Mix with a wooden spatula until the rice grains become translucent.


Sprinkle with white wine and cook over low heat until the liquid is completely evaporated.


Then sprinkle with a ladle of broth, let it evaporate and continue adding broth one landle until the rice becomes sticky but still slightly crunchy on the inside!


Once this result is obtained, add the sweet potato purée and adjust the seasoning.



Serve: On a portion of Sweet potatoe and Mascarpone risotto, add a handful of aragula and freshly grated parmesan cheese.

Et voilà c’est prêt ! Bonne dégustation.. 😉


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