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30 June 2017

It’s been a while since our last “in your kitchen…” article. Probebly because our social life downgrades during the winter. But recently we met some really cool people you accepted to let us into their kitchen and Virginie is one of them. With Virginie we spoke about japanese flavours, ceramics and décoration.

It is such a pleasure to meet the people from Strasbourg and see our city through their eyes! If we had more time, we would do this type of article every week.

So Back to Virginie. She made us a super delicious Panna Cotta. A recipe well adapted to the summer heat we are living at the moment. What we like in this recipe is the subtlety of the tastes brought by the black Sesame and the Rapadura. Also, as an amateur of design and crafts we can say that Virginie’s apartment is a true source of inspiration!

Reminder: the “In your kitchen…” section of our blog let you have a peak into the kitchens of some of our readers. A series of photos take you into their world, looking for singular elements. Each person’s creativity is shown trought their lifesyle, theit interior design and most of all their cooking. Each article is accompanied by a recipe and a list of favorite spots to eat out.

That’s all for the presentations, we now leave you with Virginie who will talk about her art, her apartment and her Panna cotta recipe.


I am a big fan of farmer’s markets; I go there several times a week.
Although I live in the city center, every Saturday morning I go to the covered market in Neudorf which is full of artisans and small producers to whom I am faithful.
I only buy seasonal products, mostly organic. I can not wait to eat ripe tomatoes and juicy peaches !!!!
I cook everything from scratch, but I prepare only relatively simple food. A few ingredients or aromatic herbs are enough to enhance a dish. I am a big fan of Yotam Ottolenghi‘s food. I have already eaten in one of his restaurants, but I also have cookbooks from which I draw inspiration.

As for my professional life, I am a ceramist. I started doing this 7 years ago after a professional retraining. I create porcelain utility parts in pastel shades, and also jewelry. My interior is in harmony with my work: white with a few pastel touches.

We have been living in this apartment for 2 years. We did a lot of work it: floor standing with birch plywood, created openings for back light and painted everything white. I have a small collection of ceramic cups and I buy quite a few illustrations from young artists.


Ah it’s difficult. Let’s say I always have a box of sardines that I crush and spread on toast when I do not feel like cooking or that I am alone. With a fillet of vinegar or lemon, it’s delicious.


Café Bretelles For lunch it’s good and simple with a touch of originality in a cool atmosphere …

Jour de Fête : Modern farmer’s market food, simple in appearance, but very well executed, and it come with very good wine. I like the place itself because it’s quit modern but not too flashy.

And for big occasions:
Umami : I go there once or twice a year. It is delicious, noble products, with an Asian touch, always surprising and the service is discreet and kind.


We are going to prepare a Panna Cotta with black sesame. In fact it’s a mix of two kind of food that I love: Italian and Japanese.

I’m not into very sophisticated desserts, I prefer  puddings, creams, tiramisu., But my favorites are the Japanese desserts. Black sesame is consumed mostly in Asia, and particularly in Japan. (Black sesame ice cream is a delight !!)

It’s time to discover Virginie’s recipe. It was the first time I tasted black sesame and it was rather a nice surprise, the creaminess of the Panna Cotta will delight the most gourmands. It is rich and at the same time subtle in terms of flavors.

Black sesame Panna Cotta with Rapadura syrup

Ingredient list for Panna cotta with sesame:

  • 30 cl Whole liquid cream
  • 30 cl Semi-skimmed milk or vegetable milk
  • 30g (approximately) Powdered Sugar
  • 2 g Agar Agar (or 3 sheets of gelatin)
  • 30g Black sesame paste
  • 100g Rapadura (whole cane sugar) for syrup



In a bowl, thoroughly mix the black sesame paste with the sugar and a little milk.



Add Agar Agar powder.




Add the cream, the rest of the milk and pour everything into a saucepan.



Bring to a boil and stop at the first broth.



Empty an ice cube tray into a bowl or sink and add a little water. Place saucepan in the sink and allow to cool for 5 to 10 minutes. Whisk from time to time, the preparation will thicken very quickly.


Pour into small bowls and place in refrigerator for at least one hour.



Preparing the syrup :


Put the Rapadura sugar in a small saucepan and add 100 ml of water. Heat for about 10 minutes over low heat, stirring occasionally.


Let the syrup cool completely.


Serve the Sesame Panna cotta with this syrup.



You can also enjoy the Panna Cotta with seasonal red fruits and a few mint leaves …

These Sesame Panna cottas are served in cups created by  by Virginie,
You can go to her Etsy shop to discover more;)

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